5 Ways to Make the Most Out of University Life

University years can be some of the best years of your life. After all the hard work of studying through school and college to get your grades have paid off and now is your time to really make the most out of the three years!

It’s important to focus and use these years to smash your degree, however, it is also time to get social, creative and explore new and exciting opportunities. Want to find out how?

Getting Social!

Joining societies and clubs is one of the best ways to not only make some new friends and create an excuse to meet at the pub but to get involved and feel like a part of a team.

University is your oyster – whether you’ve always dreamed of being on the top of the cheerleading pyramid or you are a number one Harry Potter fan, most universities have a huge range of societies and will probably have the one you’re looking for. And if not…you could start one yourself!

Lancaster’s student union has every society you can think of – from the ballroom dancing society to baking and even a Doctor Who society!

Off-Campus Life

Moving away from home is a daunting experience, but probably one of the most exciting parts of starting your university life. While many students opt to live on campus their first year, choosing to live off campus can come with lots of benefits.

Your student house or flat will be your home away from home, and you will be spending a lot of your time here, so you want it to feel like a true haven of relaxation.

Living off campus, no matter what year, means you have more space, more privacy, fewer rules, fewer costs, and much more of a homely feel. You can also choose who you want to live with, which makes for a much more comfortable and fun experience.

Study, Study, Study!

While all the extracurricular activities and meeting friends at the pub are exciting parts of university life, your studies are the main priorities and you should try and get as much help to not just get the best grade you can, but to develop as an adult.

There will always be a temptation to turn the alarm off on a Monday morning or stay in bed with ‘just one more’ Netflix episode, but resist! After all, you are at university to get a degree so going into lectures is at the top of the priority list. Making the library your second home will pay off in the long run!

Don’t forget you’re paying a hefty amount of money for university. Try working out how much each lecture is costing you a year; you might jump out of bed in a morning after finding out the sum.

Getting Techy

You can use your phone for many things, and while it’s great for endlessly scrolling through Facebook and finding memes, it can help you in your studies, your finances, and even help you to get out of bed in the morning! Some great apps to download instantly are:

  • Toshi Finance– Helps to budget and keep control of all your finances, after all you don’t want to be living on budget beans all month.
  • Maths Alarm Clock – Gives you a puzzle to solve before you can turn off your alarm. You’ll be out of bed and on the way to lecture in no time with this app.
  • SparkNotes- An entire range of study guides with everything from maths to geography. You can even set up a study group on this app.
  • Khan Academy – Over 4200 articles in the palm of your hand with a massive range of subjects.
  • Easybib- Worried about referencing and your bibliography? This app will help you format your bibliography correctly!

When Not Studying…

When your head isn’t in the books why not try and learn an extra skill such as a language or how to sew, or if you need a bit of extra cash, why not optimise the CV and get a part time job? This will not only give you one up when graduating but will give you extra money and much more experience.

While there are many hurdles of student life, they also present themselves as opportunities. You could put your culinary skills to the test and learn to cook. Why not cook a meal for your housemates, or even act out a come dine with me?  Got a pile of washing? Why not become the domestic goddess your mums always wanted you to be?

Here at Student Housing Lancaster, we want you to get the most of your university experience and we can help! We provide quality homes for students and have been doing so for over 15 years!

We provide affordable, comfortable and close to city centre student accommodation, so you can concentrate on the important things – making the most out of your university life!

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