Fully Managed Service: Terms and Conditions


Student Housing Lancaster Ltd only manages properties of a high standard thus ensuring letting to the best tenants. Once approached by a landlord Student Housing Lancaster representatives will visit the property for inspection to establish the property satisfies the following criteria:

(a) Issued with a gas and electrical safety certificates

(b) Fitted with a mains wired electric smoke alarm

(c) Furnished to a high standard and have a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe in each bedroom

(d) All furniture and fixtures meet current fire regulations as confirmed to us by the landlord

(e) High standard of decoration throughout property

After accepting a property Student Housing Lancaster will discuss with the landlord any repairs or decoration work required to bring the property up to best letting standard and arrange for the agreed work to be carried out (if required). Landlords who agree to take on the full Student Housing Lancaster management service also agree to accept the gas, electrical tests and certification, safety and repair service offered by Student Housing Lancaster. Digital photographs will be taken of all the rooms within the property together with an agreed inventory of the landlord’s fixtures and fittings. These will be kept on file.

Once the property is ready to be let Student Housing Lancaster will do the following:-

Advertise the property on the Student Housing Lancaster website, which is promoted in the local press and at the university when necessary. Place high profile To Let board outside property. Show round all prospective tenants. Sign up tenants to our contracts ensuring the tenant understands the need for guarantees, deposits etc. Confirm to tenants payment schedules for rent I.e 10 monthly standing order, 3 termly cheques etc. Take meter readings of all utilities before the tenants enter the property. Take photos/video of the property, with a full check inside and out. Keep a copy of all sets of keys for the property.

During the term of the contract Student Housing Lancaster will do the following:-

Arrange for all rent payments to be deposited directly to the landlord via bank transfer, any management fees and repair costs will be deducted from rent payments and the balance forwarded. Rents will be paid to the landlord once they have been received from the tenants. Give a set of keys to each tenant at start of tenancy. Give safety and information tour of property to each tenant I.e. boiler, water stop taps, meter locations, bin days, tenants responsibilities whilst in property. Be the point of contact for the tenants should any maintenance issues arise. A report and invoice of each visit for maintenance issues will be sent to the landlord as required. Visit the property a minimum of 3 times, once at the beginning of the contract, once during the letting period and one final visit including checking the security of the property when tenants are away.  During each visit Student Housing Lancaster if necessary will take digital photographs or video and indicate any damage that has occurred or any repairs that are required. Student Housing Lancaster will deal with any problems arising with the property. The landlord will not be consulted initially for minor repairs up to £100 (e.g. replacing light bulbs, leaks etc).Or for Safety related repairs up to £200. Any repairs deemed necessary will be carried out by professional tradesmen when required.

At the end of the contract Student Housing Lancaster will do the following:-

Make a final visit to the property, take digital photographs if necessary of any damage etc caused by tenants. Take final utility meter readings. Advise the landlord of any re-decoration/repairs deemed necessary. Provide a final end of letting period report by taking meter readings etc.


Throughout the contract term the landlord will retain overall responsibility for the whole property.The landlord will ensure all necessary guarantees and certificates regarding the property are valid and in date i.e. Gas Certificates and warranties. The Landlord agrees to ensure that all fixtures and fittings including furniture supplied will meet current fire and safety standards. The landlord will keep the property and his contents insured against all risks. The landlord will notify any bank or financial institution of intention to let the property and obtain their agreement to this. It is the landlord’s sole responsibility to ensure the correct rent is received from tenants. The landlord must understand that all responsibility for electrical safety, gas safety and legalities etc lies with the landlord. The landlord remains responsible for electrical appliances, and furniture and ensures they meet current safety standards. The Landlord will keep all permanent services/equipment in a good state of repair i.e. boilers, cookers, fires, toilets, sinks etc. The landlord will contact Student Housing Lancaster regularly to update information regarding change of address, telephone numbers, etc. The landlord will allow advertising material such as posters and To Let boards at the property. The landlord agrees to pay to Student Housing Lancaster a flat rate management charge of at least 12% of annual rent, non-refundable, deducted from rent payments. The landlord agrees to pay Student Housing Lancaster all fees connected to any tenancies that are signed regardless of whether the management continues to the full term of that tenancy.