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Student Housing Lancaster Yellow Door Lets Cable Street Lancaster University campus LUSU Living
Average rent inc. bills  £85.00*  £97.00  £95.00  £130.00  £92.00
Contract length 48 weeks 52 weeks (10 half rent) 50 weeks 40 weeks 46 weeks
Total yearly rent £4,080.00 £4,559.00 £4,750.00 £5,200.00 £4,232.00

*Based on our All Inclusive Rents.
**Rent prices based off information on competitor websites and any published promotional material.

Average off campus rents (rent only) with Student Housing Lancaster:

3/4 bed property Approx £75 – £85 per week
5/6 bed property Approx £80 – £90 per week


Why should I live off campus?

Choose where you live

Choose who you live with

Make your house your home

Easy access to all town has to offer

No more expensive late night taxi journeys back to campus

What does campus offer me?

No privacy

Less chance to personalise your accommodation

More expensive

Late night travelling