Terms - Advert

The following criteria are recommendations for any landlord undertaking the advertising service from Student Housing Lancaster. However the following may also be legal requirements for the landlord:

  • Property should ideally be fitted with a mains electric smoke alarm.
  • Property must be issued with a gas safety certificate where applicable and electrical safety certificates.
  • Furnished to a high standard and be clean and fit for purpose.
  • Bedrooms must have a bed, desk, chair and wardrobe in each bedroom and furniture must meet current fire safety regulations.
  • The landlord must keep the property and his contents insured against all risks.

Terms and Conditions

Payment for this service and any other services we offer must be made in advance/before any information is placed on the website. Once payment is made adverts are usually live on the site within 24 hours.

Digital photographs can be taken of the property and placed on the website or the landlord may provide his own photographs. Anyone requiring information about the property will see this on the advert, and will be given the landlord’s contact details via the website, or if they call into/contact the office this info can be passed on verbally by email or telephone. The advert will stay live until it is let or up to 31st August, whichever is soonest. After the advertising period the listing will be removed from the website. This service is offered solely for specific properties advertised when payment has been received in full. The landlord must give true up to date and legally correct information regarding the condition of the services, installations and contents of the property to be advertised.

The Landlord must inform Student Housing Lancaster once the advertised property has been let. Each advert/fee applies to one property only. Student Housing Lancaster reserves the right to remove any property from the website once we receive information that the property has been let, either from the landlord or other sources.

The room only advertising service is to be used for the advertising of one room that may be available within a house or similar property ie where one room may be available in a house or other accommoation and all our adverts must be room and property specific ie one room or property cannot be advertised and once filled be used as a lead to fill other properties or rooms, we regularly check our adverts and update our website with feedback from potential tenants and landlord this is so other properties cannot be shown from contact from the same advert. This is to help keep the quality and the clarity of our advertising service correct and also to offer peace of mind and security to our customers.


Student Housing Lancaster cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies that may occur during photography or any technical discrepancies regarding the internet or the uploading of images and text.