Let Only Terms and Conditions

Let Only Service Terms and Conditions

Student Housing Lancaster agree to:

Initially visit property, assess condition and confirm with Landlord if any repairs are required. Receive full set of keys in order to carry out viewings. Show all prospective tenants around the property. Sign up tenants to contract, collect deposits and forward all paperwork to landlord.

Property Owner agrees to:

Authorise Student Housing Lancaster to act as the agent in all matters concerning the letting of above named properties.

Authorise Student Housing Lancaster to place promotional material at this property throughout this contract.

Agree to pay in advance in full Student Housing Lancaster the non refundable fee of £395 or £450 per property depending on which let only package you choose. The property will not be advertised until the full payment has been received.

Agree that the property will be in a fit and habitable state of repair and all services, equipment and effects within will be safe and in good working order prior to the start of any tenants moving in, and meet all legal and safety requirements. Agree to provide copies/proof of any safety certificates for gas and electricity and understand that no action will be taken until all relevant information and keys are received.  Agree to keep the property insured at all times. Understand that all final legal responsibilities lie with the landlord.


Student Housing Lancaster will be acting as the agent for the landlord only on a property viewing basis and after all contract and monies have been forwarded to the landlord will have no further involvement with the property or its tenants. Although every reasonable effort has been made Student Housing Lancaster cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of any tenants, their payment of monies or their ability/willingness to abide by the contract, and the state of the property or for any loss of monies due to the landlord from the tenants or any shortfalls. Any periods of non-rental are entirely at the landlords own risk and responsibility. The services of Student Housing Lancaster regarding this agreement will be withdrawn if it is deemed that the terms and conditions and obligations under this agreement are not met by landlords.